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Is email marketing still relevant?

Marketers argue whether email marketing is still the viable tool it once was.

Bryan Starck is here to tell us, with exact numbers, why email marketing should be your go-to channel to promote your D2C brand.

He explains the secrets to crafting emails your customers would love to engage with —and how to avoid drowning in the promotions tab.

Bryan calls this strategy “Relationship-First Marketing”.

Bryan has been using this approach for years in his marketing agency, 100 Celsius. In addition to promoting his eCommerce brand, Fellow Living. The sheer volume of pre-orders speaks about Bryan’s ability to connect with his customers.

Don’t miss this episode of Mission Control with our guest Bryan Starck to learn how to build a real customer-centric brand.

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Meet the Mission Control hosts:

Alex's specialty lies in psychology, paid advertising, funnel building, technology, and finance. He has managed millions of dollars in ad spend on various social platforms, and solved complex problems with thousands of businesses.

Dave has spent over 12 years in the industry where he has managed an e-commerce supplement shop for 8 years where they grew from 6 figures in yearly revenue to over 8 figures, managed millions in ad spend on Facebook, and founded a 7-figure fitness franchise marketing agency specializing in paid advertising, lead nurturing, and membership growth coaching which currently has over 100 clients.

Produced by Victoria Petersen.

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