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Content Marketing has always been a reliable way to promote your eCommerce brand, but data proves that having a strategy as well as creating well thought out content performs better in the long run (and can even make you go viral).

But how do you decide what content to make especially with a tight budget?

Join hosts Dave and Alex as they chat with Andrew Deitsch to dig into exactly that. In this episode of Mission Control we'll be unpacking these and so much more:

  • Resourcefulness in making creative content pieces
  • How to promote your brand using new ideas on a tight budget
  • How to stay ahead of the competition while having an abundance mindset

Andrew Deitsch is a Digital Marketer, Podcast Host, World Traveler, College Dropout, Entrepreneur, & Fitness Fanatic.

Whether it's racking up billions of organic views on social, or converting paid traffic to sales, Andrew always finds a way to push the limits of what's possible on every platform.

In just 18 months as Creative Director at 4Media Marketing, Andrew and his team have created thousands of pieces of cutting-edge, disruptive content for 100+ e-commerce brands, and have positioned themselves as one of the top content focused agencies in the world.

In addition to being a master of bite-sized content, he has hosted over 250 long-form podcasts where he has meaningful, unedited, long-form conversations with fascinating people.

Since 2017, he has launched and directed The Andrew Deitsch Podcast,  The Wheels2Walking Podcast, and 4MEDIA UNCUT.

Get in touch with Andrew:

IG: @Andrew_Deitsch
FB: @AndrewcDeitsch
YT: @AndrewDeitschYPR

Meet the Mission Control hosts:

Alex's specialty lies in psychology, paid advertising, funnel building, technology, and finance. He has managed millions of dollars in ad spend on various social platforms, and solved complex problems with thousands of businesses.

Dave has spent over 12 years in the industry where he has managed an e-commerce supplement shop for 8 years where they grew from 6 figures in yearly revenue to over 8 figures, managed millions in ad spend on Facebook, and founded a 7-figure fitness franchise marketing agency specializing in paid advertising, lead nurturing, and membership growth coaching which currently has over 100 clients.

Produced by Victoria Petersen.

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